Reconstruction of an Oppidum

Archaeological 3D reconstruction of an ancient Celtic settlement in Schwarzenbach, Austria

More than 2000 years ago Celtic settlers chose the tallest hill in Schwarzenbach, Austria to build a fortified settlement upon. An Oppidum, a fortified Iron Age settlement, gives its inhabitants excellent protection from potential attackers. In Schwarzenbach and its periphery the iron deposits were plenty which led to an enormous armour and tool manufacturing industry. (The main reason trees are not to be found on the visualizations.)
During a siege the rampart was set on fire and got destroyed which probably caused the residents to abandon their settlement.

These visualizations mark the start of an ongoing cooperation with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology (LBI ArchPro), Dr. Wolfgang Neubauer

ORF article

Celtic rampart construction during the Bronze Age. The front is made with stones, clay and wood. The green roof protects the construction from catching fire.

Living on the top. This visualization shows how the Iron Age settlement in Schwarzenbach Austria might have looked liked.