Risks of Green Energy Projects

A video series to raise awareness of the environmental and social risks
involved while planning and building green energy projects

Video 1: Social and Environmental Risks of Green Energy Projects
Green energy projects suppose to be beneficial to our environment. But with every project comes a diverse list of risks which can easily delay or even stop the endeavor to save our planet. These risks are not only financial or technical, but also social and environmental. This video series highlights the issues and problems investors faces before, during and after building a green energy project.

responsAbility Investments AG
Global Climate Partnership Fund

Music composition and sound design
Luca Magni

Voice-recording and mastering
Department of Noise GmbH

3D-modelling and animation support
Giacomo Pedemonte

Animation stills

Video 2: Social and Environmental Risks while Planning and Building a Solar Photovoltaic Farm
Lots of land, indigenous people and seasonal storms are just some of the risks one need to consider when planning a solar pv farm. 

Video 3: Social and Environmental Risks while Operating and Maintaining a Solar Photovoltaic Farm


    Making of
Jumping Fish
A timelapse of animating a jumping fish. Adding small details to an animation is a lot of work but enriches it a lot. This shot did not make it to the final cut but it is seen from afar. Can you spot all three jumping fishs in video 1? 
Title Sequence
The first drafts of the title sequences we created in 2D. To keep a consistent look we then decided to go with simple 3D typography animation. Additional objects preview the videos topic.