Future Supply Chain

Animated sequences to complement an explainer video on how Migros organizes its logistic data management in the future

“Marktplatz der Logistikdaten”
In the center of the future suppy chain stands the EPCIS ( Electronic Product Code Information Services). In the near future every so called event that happens on the Migros supply chain will be sent to the cloud, also known as the EPCIS.


3D-modelling and animating support
Giacomo Pedemonte

Always up-to-date  
Without effort every involved partner of the supply chain will be able to access any desired information at any time. This technologie reduces delays and speeds up the processes. 

Our five short animated sequences complement the explainer video and help to explain the improvements visually.

Follow the box
The box, a.k.a. “Kistli”, will be tracked on every step it makes. These steps are called events and are automatically registered with an RFID tag and are immediately send to the EPCIS. Once there it is accessible to everyone involved.

Our idea was to focus on the box (literally) and follow it on its journey through the supply chain. From the producer filling the box with the product (milk in our case), to getting stacked on a pallet, loaded onto a truck, being unpacked and mixed with other products and finally ending up in the supermarket.

What’s in the box?
A so called event is similar to taking a photo of the current situation. It contains all information needed and is sent to the cloud. 

Animation stills