Green Lending

Explainer video combines stylized animation with live-action hands

responsAbility Investments AG
Global Climate Partnership Fund

Music composition and sound design
Luca Magni
Recording and mastering
Department of Noise GmbH

Sustainable projects can be very cost-intensive and need to be financed by lending. The concept of «Green Lending» adds conditions to a loan to ensure that projects are actually favorable for the environment. An explainer video for the Global Climate Partnership Fund elaborates on the complex topic.

Using a predefined illustration style was one of the client’s requirements – furthermore, the goal was to include the viewer as a ‘human’ layer of information. We therefore chose to balance out the very simplified drawings by adding a ‘point of view’ style live-action recording of a businessperson’s hands, which ask, plan, err, and understand as the video unfolds.

Behind the scenes