Risks of Green Energy Projects

A video series to raise awareness of the environmental and social risks
involved while planning, building, and maintaining green energy projects

How dangerous are green engery projects?

Green energy projects suppose to be beneficial to our environment. But with every project comes a diverse list of risks which can easily delay or even stop the endeavor to save our planet. These risks are not only financial or technical, but also social and environmental. This video series highlights the issues and problems investors faces before, during and after building a green energy project.

responsAbility Investments AG
Global Climate Partnership Fund

Music composition, sound design, and mastering
Luca Magni

Department of Noise GmbH

Concept, 3D-modelling and animation support
Giacomo Pedemonte, Daniel Holler

Animation Stills

Building a Solar Photovoltaic Farm

What are the enviromental and social risks during this process?

Displaced indigenous people and seasonal storms are just some of the risks one needs to consider when planning a solar pv farm. 

Before we were able to the animation, three scripts were needed. Starting this project, we had to understand the risks, and then break down their complexity. After that we create a suitable storyline together with the clients for all three animations.

After many iterations the final scripts were written and we began creating animatics.

Operating a Solar Farm

There are many enviromental and social risks while operating and maintaining a solar farm.

To keep these risks to a minimum the site must have an operation plan in place. 

Although we created everything in our 3D software, we wanted to recreate the look of classic 2D infographics illustrations. 


Making of

From idea to final product

Animation tests for different scales
When tasked with creating three complex explainer videos, we began by brainstorming simple ideas about how things should move. This helped us get a basic idea of how to show certain objects.

Then, we worked on finalizing the animation style, mostly as we went along. We tried different things, and sometimes, things didn't work out as planned. There were moments when we had to let go of ideas we really liked (kill-your-darling), but these tough choices actually made our animations better in the end.

Experimenting with different looks
We explored various visual styles while working on our solar farm project. For instance, when depicting workers in certain scenes, we contemplated how they should appear. One option we considered was a geometrical and cartoonish style

How to show “planning”
In this initial draft, we were exploring different ways to illustrate the concept of planning. We toyed with the idea of placing a miniature object in a specific location.
Eventually, this concept made it into the final animation, albeit in a our definitive style.

Also, take note of the subtle adjustment the hand makes at the end to correct the position of the solar panel.

At times, envisioning the seamless integration of text, animation, and music can pose a challenge. While storyboards offer some insight into the final outcome, animatics play a pivotal role in bridging this imaginative gap.

Our thorough animatics not only facilitated effective communication with the client but also contributed significantly to the development of the final script. Throughout the animatic creation process, some ideas were refined, while others emerged organically.

Jumping fish
Animating a jumping fish was fun. Adding small details is a lot of work but enriches it a lot.

This shot did not make it to the final cut but the jumping fish did. Can you spot all three jumping fishs in video 1?

Making of the title sequence
The first drafts of the title sequences we created in 2D. To keep a consistent look we then decided to go with simple 3D typography animation. Additional objects preview the videos topic.