Grand et Petit

Recreating the birth of the universe

In the documentary Grand et Petit the astrophysicist Stéphanie Juneau explains the creation of the universe to a group of children with role plays and poetic choreografies. As the children step out into the winter forest, the breezing snowflakes become the first stars of the universe… Quaint’s contribution to the movie are two between-scenes about the creation of stars and a view of the Orion Nebula.

Grand et Petit. A documentary by Camille Budin. Switzerland 2018, French, color, 52 min.
Extract from “Grand et Petit” with Quaint’s two between-scenes.

Intermezzo Films SA

Art direction
Camille Budin

Behind the Scenes

Experimenting with a nebula

In our daily business, 3D visualization is based on solid objects that have a surface and volume. Simulating the creation of stars by condensing gases in the universe was therefore a major challenge for us: How on earth can we show something cloudy and luminous at the same time? The solution was a rather unorthodox use of 3D lighting systems and procedural noises: Setting their parameters to extreme values created effects that could visualize the astrophysicist’s explanations in a convincing way.